Branding, music, CD artwork, social networking website and videos


Project: Branding, music, CD artwork, social networking website and videos

Saveit4aSong is the brainchild of Fuel Creativity's Creative Director, Gillian Harding and resident musician and multimedia editor A.J Moore. It aims to create an online hub where young people can become more aware of the importance of conservation. This is done through music, visuals, film and articles. Gillian and A.J wrote the song, Take It All Away. Inspired by Sir David Attenborough and the BBC's Planet Earth series, it successfully highlights growing concerns about the environment. The song will be available for download from the site once released and will raise money for selected conservation charities that were personally recommended by Sir David.

The Objective

Fuel Creativity needed to create a strong brand for the Saveit4aSong campaign, create artwork for the song, 'Take It All Away', and (as Phase 1 of the project), design and build a scalable website that encourages user-generated content and effectively spreads awareness using multi-media channels.

The Solution

Photoshoots of A.J Moore were taken against urban settings, and grafitti-style illustrations were used to create a murial that addressed some of the main issues surrounding climate change. Appealing primarily to young people, the designs needed to stand apart from the usual imagery seen with climate change subjects.

The Saveit4aSong website is fully content managed, and stands as a place-holder that is increasing the Google search rankings whilst sponsorship for the project is being secured. Several videos have been edited and combined with the help of You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, increasing Saveit4aSong's online presence.

The Result

Although still in it's infancy, the project has already been endorsed by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature). A.J was asked to perform in  Copenhagen during the COP15 Summit for delegates and members. Both Gillian and A.J met with IUCN President, Dr Ashok Khosla and were subsequently invited to become members of IUCN's Commission for Education and Communication (CEC) which enables them to collaborate with the union concerning content for the website.

As Gillian states;  "It is so exciting to be connected to the IUCN's CEC, they are literally the global hub concerning conservation and have access to the 'big picture' of what is happening in the world. We hope to build upon this relationship and assist in spreading the message as effectively as we can through Saveit4aSong". A.J and Gillian are due to attend the IUCN's opening of their new offices (the most environmentally friendly building in Europe) in June this year and A.J has been interviewed for their Podcast radio, WildTalk.

Branding, music, CD artwork, social networking website and videos


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