Book sales increased by 100% after new brand launch by FCL

Client: Rockschool

Project: Book sales increased by 100% after new brand launch by FCL

Rockschool is a dedicated rock/pop music examination board providing grade exams for electric guitar, bass, drums, piano/keyboards and vocals. The company has been in the field for almost 20 years and has built up a reputation as a leading body for young people aspiring for popular music qualifications.

The Objective

Rockschool required a corporate-image overhaul that would successfully appeal to both education professionals and the aspiring youth. Rockschool asked Fuel Creativity to develop the organisation’s brand so that it reflected the edginess and excitement of the pop music industry as well as the professionalism and respect that Rockschool elicits from schools and colleges. Fuel Creativity’s brand strategists met with senior stakeholders from the organisation to better understand their vision of their company.

The Solution

Following a body of research and brand exercises, Fuel Creativity was able to work on various approaches to the brand look and feel. The final approach combines the concept of a progression of learning, with stardom and a frequency sound-wave style symbol.

Following the successful branding exercise, Rockschool asked Fuel Creativity to implement the brand across their exam books and accompanying CDs. That is, publications sold in music shops across the world that enable students to progress in their grades. The book-covers needed to stand out on the shelves and be immediately recognisable for students. Fuel Creativity used enlarged parts of the logo that reinforced the brand at a glance and used colour-coding for different grades. Photography used a foreshortening effect on the featured instruments which is unusual for these types of books. Layouts were carefully designed for optimal on-shelf stacking visibility.

The Result

The new branding and syllabus book-covers were such a success that Rockschool's book sales doubled in the first year after launch. This result far exceeded the expectation of the Directors in the first year. In the second year sales increased by a further 15%.

Book sales increased by 100% after new brand launch by FCL


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Dr Simon Pitt
"Rockschool, the world’s leading assessment and examination board for rock and pop music, is pleased to recommend Fuel Creativity Ltd. Fuel has established our brand as one of the leading players in our field as well as delivering innovative design ideas for our books and other assessment products. Fuel’s creative teams deliver consistent value: you can trust them to put your business on the map."
Dr Simon Pitt | Chief Executive Officer, Rockschool