Re-brand and website by FCL – a magnet for prospective clients

Client: PDD

Project: Re-brand and website by FCL – a magnet for prospective clients

Founded in 1980, PDD is a product innovation consultancy that takes commercial products from concept to manufacture. The company's services include strategy, research, trends, human factors, industrial design, engineering and prototyping, as well as testing and validation.

The Objective

The Directors of PDD realised that, while the company had built an enviable reputation for creativity and innovation, this was not wholly represented in the way that the organisation was talking to its audience. Different departments spoke about the company in different ways to their clients. To ensure that the organisation had a common voice, they needed an independent observer to rationalise the business message in line with its growth strategy, and therefore contacted Fuel Creativity to develop the company’s brand values, identity, corporate website and marketing materials.

The Solution

Fuel Creativity spent time with each head of department at PDD. (Medical, Research, Trends, Industrial Design, Consumer, Communications etc). At the time, the distinctions between services, sectors and specialisms were difficult to understand.  The feedback from these interviews was analysed and distilled into a Powerpoint presentation that defined the brand values into categories such as Personality, Unique Selling Points (USPs) with reasons why, The Client Benefit, Tone of Voice, and finally, The Client Face of PDD. From these brand values, Fuel Creativity developed the PDD strapline: ‘Imagine it. Achieve it.’

The already established dotted logo identity was maintained, but was refined and modernised. Consistency of message was achieved by preparing brand guidelines, along with corporate stationery, signage, presentation templates, and other collateral that the company needed.  

After the successful implementation of the brand, PDD asked Fuel Creativity to design and build their website. The key objectives were: a. to reflect PDD’s creativity, passion, professionalism and the true atmosphere of the company and b. to organise the disparate departments into clearly defined service offerings and sectors. It was imperative that the site had clear navigation, and potential clients from all sectors could understand PDDs offering within a few 'clicks'. The site came with a bespoke-built content management system (CMS) that meant that the PDD marketing team could add and replace content (including Flash animations) as they wish. Fuel Creativity made several films and 3D surround views that feature the facilities, top-grade equipment and the inherent vibrancy of PDD.

The Result

Using its own research department, the draft site was tested by clients, potential clients and potential recruits against the websites of the two leading product innovation consultancies in the world. The site scored well against its competitors, with a considerable win in a keyword comparison test against words like 'Versatile', 'Hands On', 'Team Spirited', 'Creative', 'Passionate', 'Energetic', 'Intelligent'.

After the website launch, PDD began receiving unsolicited enquiries from prospective, blue-chip clients, who had visited the website and wanted to know more. One global giant put PDD on their top-suppliers list as a direct result of viewing the web pages. Analytics showed that some of PDDs target clients were spending up to 23 minutes on the site. Overall traffic to the domain nearly doubled during the first 4 months of going live.

Re-brand and website by FCL – a magnet for prospective clients


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Paul Pankhurst
"Having worked closely with Fuel Creativity over a long period of time, what sets them apart from other agencies is their strategic insight. Lots of agencies can implement, but Fuel deliver with an innate sense of business acumen and foresight. That's why I would recommend Fuel Creativity to anyone with a complex business model that needs communicating very simply to their audience."
Paul Pankhurst | Chairman, PDD