Branding, website, property brochures, ads, signage and billboards

Client: Neptuneland

Project: Branding, website, property brochures, ads, signage and billboards

Neptune Land is a development and investment company that focuses on commercial property in London and the South East. Established in 2004 with a London base, the company has already worked on some major, high-profile developments.

The Objective

Neptune Land directors recognised the importance of having a strong corporate image that carried the right message to their target investors and market peers. They asked Fuel Creativity to develop their brand, website and marketing collateral.

The Solution

Initial brand workshops with Neptune Land’s directors were fruitful. Fuel Creativity pinpointed that the organisation required a brand that communicated a dual message: A young and dynamic company (flexible and nimble), that was also established, respectable and reputable.

These concepts are at opposite ends of a spectrum, but nevertheless, the final solution successfully mixes a feeling of establishment and tradition with modernity and fluidity. The Neptune Land logo borrows it’s shape from the Fleur-de-Lys design. This regal symbol imparts a feeling of history and stability. The shape however, has been adapted to show a commercial building rising up and parting the water (signifying the ancient Greek God of Neptune parting the waves). Formed with right-angles and curves, the icon is fresh, modern and unique. To enhance the brand, Fuel Creativity developed a wallpaper graphic that was used across the corporate stationery and website. The wallpaper added a feeling of quality, lifestyle and attention to detail – a valuable commercial property image enhancement.

The Neptune Land website was powered by a bespoke-built content management system (CMS) to enable full control of the information on the site. After the organisation’s branding, Fuel Creativity worked with Neptune Land’s directors on a billboard advertising campaign and several adverts, property brochures and sponsorship ads.

The Result

Neptune Land Managing Director, Paul Stoodley describes the result of the new branding as "providing more confidence at Director level in our corporate identity, particularly as we started dealing with much larger and more financially influential organisations where brand matters." Neptune Land later partnered with Standard Life Investments on the new large-scale build of offices in Ealing Broadway and FCL was asked to create a compelling presentation for agents and investors. The presentation was animated in Flash and impressed its audience. This led to a successful and enthusiastic launch of the development.

Branding, website, property brochures, ads, signage and billboards


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Paul Stoodley
"We are immensely proud of our identity and frequently receive compliments from people in the property business. As our 'brand guardians', Fuel Creativity has continually delivered excellent marketing materials and we have always been impressed with their creativity and insight."                                                            
Paul Stoodley | Managing Director, Neptune Land