Corporate Branding and Stationery

Client: Kubernetes

Project: Corporate Branding and Stationery

Kubernetes is a strategic change-management consultancy. The company supports corporations who need to change the way they do business because of evolving market demands or upcoming new regulations. The consultancy drives and manages change programmes to ensure that clients' deadlines and budgets are met.

The Objective

Kubernetes had established a formidable client base and had worked with some big companies, but didn’t have a clear identity that communicated who they are, and what they do. Consequently, they had to rely on word-of-mouth for new business. Fuel Creativity was asked to work on Kubernetes’ brand and include a suite of stationery that reflected their core values.

The Solution

Fuel’s brand strategists met with Kubernetes' senior staff to better understand how the company, its audience and the marketplace interact. The name 'Kubernetes' is the Greek word for the helmsman of the ship and the company's services reflect this concept. Moreover, Managing Director, Jeremy Renwick, often attends large-scale yachting events where he meets potential clients (directors of large corporations for example) who also have a keen interest in sailing and would easily comprehend this analogy.

After a series of brand exercises, the values were established and different approaches were investigated. Following further workshops with Kubernetes, Fuel Creativity identified that the company's core offering centered around one key-word; dynamism. From this, a final design approach was developed that embodied the concept of flowing movement with the depiction of a sailing yacht within the logo itself. The strapline, 'Driving Strategic Change On Time and To Budget' also enhanced the concept. The logo brand colours were chosen to stand out from the crowd of corporate blues and greens already used in the change-management consultancy arena. Once the brand was finalised, letterheads, business cards and compliments slips were designed for printing.

Corporate Branding and Stationery


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