Green initiative to encourage global workforce to be more environmentally aware

Client: Corus Group (part of Tata Steel)

Project: Green initiative to encourage global workforce to be more environmentally aware

Corus is one of Europe’s biggest steel manufacturers. With annual revenues totalling around £12 billion, the organisation carries genuine economic weight. For corporations of Corus’ size it is vital that they not only aim to practice the most energy efficient manufacturing and distribution methods, but also ensure that their global workforce is careful to be environmentally conscious.

The Objective

As a multinational organisation, Corus wanted to ensure that everyone within the organisation understood their duties to the climate by using resources wisely and acting in a way that would encourage good environmental practice.

Corus contacted Fuel Creativity to help them solve this problem – to communicate a message of going green to their worldwide workforce using a medium that would have a minimal environmental impact. Fuel Creativity’s creative team developed a screensaver that delivered several simple messages to all of Corus’s employees.

The Solution

The screensaver was an animated flash presentation based on Corus' existing internal campaign of Small Actions Big Results. Each message being something small that each person could do that would make a great difference to Corus’ environmental impact.

The small actions being:

  • ‘Be bright, turn out the light’ – to encourage people to switch off lights when they are the last to leave a room.
  • ‘Are you using me? If not, switch my monitor off’ – a message directed at the computer’s user to take action when the screensaver comes on.
  • ‘Save a tree, recycle me’ – a message to put any waste paper in a recycle bin.
  • 'Think before you book' – encouraging people to travel by train rather than by plane for short-haul journeys because trains emit far less C02.

The Result

The project was delivered on time and to budget. As Harriet Patience, New Media Assistant, Corus states; "It has been difficult to quantify the impact of the screensaver, however, the message Fuel Creativity developed and the method of delivering this was incredibly simple and fantastically direct. We were hugely impressed with the creativity the agency showed as well as the way they delivered a key project so quickly".

Green initiative to encourage global workforce to be more environmentally aware


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