Cadbury Advertising Pitch

Client: Cadbury

Project: Cadbury Advertising Pitch

Established in 1824 by John Cadbury, Cadbury’s is one of the UK’s most recognisable brands. The company posted profits, in 2008, from operations totalling £388 million.

Following a series of Ofcom rulings, Cadbury’s found that it needed to invest in high impact campaigns that were less intrusive than television advertising. Key to this was the launch a point-of-sale campaign where Cadbury’s bought premium shelf space in stores to advertise.

The Objective

Fuel Creativity was brought in to develop a point-of-sale campaign. The brief was to use the premium shelf space to its full potential with something eye-catching to encourage Cadbury’s consumers to buy the products. The important point for Fuel Creativity’s Creative Director, Gillian Harding was the product: ‘If you see chocolate, then you want to eat it. If you want to eat it, you want to buy it. I knew from the start that to ensure a successful point-of-sale campaign, we’d have to show the chocolate.’ From that initial starting point, several creatives from Fuel Creativity took a trip to a point-of-sale exhibition to further their understanding of what makes a successful campaign. As Gillian states: ‘We soon discovered that mannequins and the human form would be the clincher for a successful campaign. One of the team realised that in any new situation, the eye is drawn to the human form. It was deduced that mannequins would make a perfect point-of-sale focal point.’

The Solution

Gillian goes on: ‘We decided to take the lead from Cadbury’s strapline (at the time), which was “find happiness” and apply it to each of Cadbury’s great brands: Caramel, Twirl, Bourneville, Flake and Crunchy. We imagined the Brands as characters, each engendering their own emotional bond. We gave each a romantic personality founded on our consumer research - hence Caramel was “Sweet, sensual and goes with the flow, desires lover for rich indulgence” and Flake “Sensual, indulgent and delicate, searching for dedicated lover to crumble over”.

The Result

The final product was a stunning point-of-sale piece that was as eye-catching as it was ingenious, "Cadbury’s loved the work, and we loved doing the work”.

Cadbury Advertising Pitch


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