Corporate identities and product branding

Corporate identities and product branding

Corporate identities and product branding

To ensure a brand is a success we work methodically in six stages – scoping, research, brand values, conceptual creation, implementation and support. We also make sure that our ideas are tested both before and after implementation – this means the final product is rationalised, measurable and marketable.

1. Scoping

Scoping is the preliminary measure. It involves workshops and stakeholder interviews. It ensures that the brand we build is based on solid, tangible understanding. We investigate deeply into the business requirements and long-term goals.

2. Research

We carry out competitor analysis and market research. Again, the brand has to be built on strong foundations. We gather statistics/observations and refine our brief in full consultation with our client.

3. Brand Values

We distill the information we have gathered into an easy-to-digest report. Defining keywords to describe brand personality, USPs and reasons underpinning them, key benefits to market, tone of voice, key message to market and brand strapline.

4. Conceptual creation and testing

We define three or four creative approaches to the brief, based on all of our research and discovery. This provides the opportunity to explore ideas that emphasise various elements of the brand values. For each route we produce moodboards, colour-palettes and logos as well as high-level visuals for stationery, imagery, packaging, web layouts, adverts, signage, uniforms, interiors etc. We prefer to carry out tests with target groups and use this feedback to fine-tune the final design. One approach may be preferable to the others, however, it is usual that elements from more than one concept can be integrated into the final developed route. The initial routes can be tested by target users/consumers to help refine the final brand identity. 

5. Implementation

Once we have an agreed logo, colour palette and look and feel we start to build your brand by applying it to the required marketing materials. These may take the form of printed materials, Brand Guidelines, design and full-build of websites, presentations, signage, uniforms, packaging, posters, banner adverts, photoshoots, illustrations etc. (Please see our Print, Digital and Adverting pages for more details).

6. Support

We like to stay with you after the brand has been realised, providing support and advice to ensure that you’re happy with how everything works. We produce brand guidelines that help to keep a new brand strong, but its most important to us to be able to oversee a brand\\\'s growth and adaption over time. We consider ourselves as brand guardians and wish to maintain a long-term relationship with you to ensure that the brand is continuing to work well for your business needs.